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Missions Ministry at Crossroads

Crossroads Christian Church is on a mission to “Make Following Jesus A Way Of Life.” To accomplish this, our church partners with a variety of trusted individuals and organizations. These strategic partnerships help us make an impact near and far through local, domestic, and international efforts. These partnerships are overseen by a dedicated group of individuals from our congregation who serve on our Mission Committee. This team stays up to date on the progress and health of our partners. They regularly review their alignment with Crossroads’ values, and committee members can even recommend organizations and individuals for future partnerships.  

When someone gives to the General Fund of Crossroads Christian Church, they become a partner in a local and global enterprise with us to further God’s kingdom. This webpage is a tool intended to help acquaint our congregation with some of the many ways your stewardship and generosity are making a difference in Jesus’ name. Please take time to review these individuals and organizations. Better still, you and your family are encouraged to pray for them.

Our mission emphasis at Crossroads is to encourage church members to identify needs, serve our community, and be generous with time and resources. 

In addition, this ministry desires to be a facilitator of events for families to serve on mission together.

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