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A wedding at Crossroads Christian Church is intended to be a religious sacrament and an act of worship. We believe that marriage is the union of a man and woman, which is affirmed within the context of the covenantal relationship with God. When a couple chooses to express their desire for their marriage to be solemnized by a church wedding, the church and its values become part of that ceremony.

We ask the following conditions of those that want to have a wedding ceremony at Crossroads:

  • Be followers of Jesus Christ.

  • At least one of the couple or a close family member should regard Crossroads Christian Church as their home church and be a regular attendee at worship services for at least six months.

  • It is expected that the couple will respect the values of the marriage sacrament, as stated above.

  • It is the responsibility of the couple to arrange for their own premarital counseling and complete it before the wedding ceremony.

  • The officiant that solemnizes the marriage must have an active ordination from a reputable Christian organization. In addition, the officiant's beliefs on marriage must align with the stated values of Crossroads Christian Church.

  • That all guidelines for hosting a wedding ceremony at Crossroads must be adhered to by the wedding party and their guests.

  • We are not able to host weddings for couples from outside of the congregation unless a close family member is a regular attendee of Crossroads Christian Church. In that case, the church member is the primary person for communication between the church and the wedding party. It is the responsibility of that church member to ensure that the values of the ceremony align with the principles and beliefs of Crossroads.

    Marriage License

    It is the couple's responsibility to obtain a marriage license from the Washington County Clerk's office prior to the ceremony.

Those parties wishing to get married at the church should complete and submit the following wedding request form. This form will be reviewed by the church staff and elders to determine if the request aligns with the principles and beliefs of Crossroads.

Wedding Request Form

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