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At Crossroads, we believe in making following Jesus a way of life, and baptism is an essential part of the journey of a Christ-follower. We have made this page to help guide you through this decision and give you the resources you need to help take this step. If you have any questions about baptism, please fill out the baptism form below and one of our ministers will be in contact with you.

Before Jesus physically left the earth, he challenged his followers with this mission: 

“Go then, to all people everywhere and make them my disciples. Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and then teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.”  - Matthew 28:19-20

There are many reasons why we believe that baptism is important for every person who chooses to follow Jesus. It starts with Jesus’ own example in the Gospels (see Matthew 3:13-17, Mark 1:9-11, and Luke 3:21-22) and continues into the Book of Acts with the first Christian communities. Throughout the New Testament, we see that each time a person declares his or her faith in Jesus, this public proclamation is followed by baptism (some examples include Acts 2:37-41, Acts 8:26-40, Acts 9:1-19, Acts 10:44-48, Acts 16:13-15, Acts 16: 25-40). Baptism illustrates Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:3-4, Romans 6:3, Colossians 2:12). It declares our death to the old ways of living and the start of our new life as a son or daughter of God (Romans 6:4, 2 Corinthians 5:17). 

Frequently Asked Questions About Baptism

Why Does Crossroads Christian Church Practice Baptism?

Why Should I Be Baptized?

What Am I Saying When I Am Baptized?

Why Does Crossroads Practice Immersion?

Am I Ready To Be Baptized?

What If I've Been Baptized At Another Church?

As long as you were baptized by immersion in the name of Jesus Christ, it is not a requirement that you are re-baptized at CCC (Your baptism was to Christ and not the church). However, we ask that every member has repented of sin, confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior, and been baptized by immersion as the New Testament directs.

Children & Baptism


This can be hard to discern. There is no instruction in the Bible regarding the proper age, but we can apply the same principles discussed above. Once a child is old enough to commit to Jesus, they are ready to be baptized. Through our Children's Ministry, we offer a family baptism class that leads parents and children through a series of questions to test their understanding and helps parents discern whether their children understand the significance of baptism and what having a relationship with God is about. As a parent, you are the best person to evaluate your child’s understanding and readiness to make this commitment. Once you feel confident, you can support and encourage your child’s decision to be baptized by completing our baptism form below.


Throughout the year, our children's ministry offers classes designed to help your children understand what it means to follow Jesus. These opportunities are designed for parents or guardians to participate alongside their children. If your child is interested in baptism, or you would like to attend our next baptism class, please contact our Children's Minister, Helen Kern, at 


At Crossroads Christian Church, we believe baptism requires a personal understanding of the gospel that leads to a personal decision to follow Jesus. Since infants do not yet have that capacity, we do not baptize them. A good next step for parents who want to dedicate their children to the Lord and make a public decision to raise their children to know Jesus is our Child Dedication Services.


While we do not practice baptizing children, we do have a practice at Crossroads where parents can make a public declaration of intent before God and their church community to raise their child in the faith until the child is old enough to make his or her commitment to Jesus. We call this Child Dedication, and it occurs a few times a year. If you are interested in participating in Child Dedication, please contact our Children's Minister, Helen Kern, at 

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