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Crossroads' mission is to make following Jesus a way of life. We believe that all believers should be moving toward Jesus as a way of life. To help with this, we have created several ways for this to happen.  

The first is Discipleship Groups. These groups, sometimes known as Sunday School classes, are designed to give you a basic foundation for a growing relationship with Jesus.

At Crossroads we a variety of options for adults on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. 

Wednesday Evening 6:30

Wednesday Night Teaching - Focusing on teachings from scripture, co-leaders Curtis Booher, Clint Andrews, and Rich Aubrey will help you discover how to make personal discipleship part of your life. This class is for anyone at any stage of their faith journey. This class meets in the Lower Auditorium.

Men's Bible Study - What if you believed—truly believed with all confidence that God is with you? What would you risk if you were certain God is victorious? You can know, treasure, and rest in His promises in every circumstance. You can cling to His assurances and walk by faith while you wait for Him to work. So what exactly does He promise? This men's group looks at these questions and more in pursuit of following Jesus. This class meets in Room 110 and is led by Patrick Chellah

Sunday Morning

The Follower's Class focuses on two primary things--studying scripture and community. Class members are challenged by the teaching in the class to live out faith on a daily basis, as well as receiving encouragement in their faith walk. The group is generally made up of adults between the ages of 25-50 and meets at 9:30 in the Room C

The Right Direction class meets weekly at 9:30 in Room 107. The group engages in varying topics of study. One of the goals of this class is for members to encourage one another to grow in their faith. The class is generally made up of adults between the ages of 35-55.

The Sonrise Berean Class is a group that enjoys fellowship within an in-depth topical Bible study with open discussion. The focus of the class has been adventures in the Word, to pursue a subject through the Bible until the truth of the matter is plain. The identity of the class comes from Acts 17:11 and Luke 11:9 and provides the motivation for each study. This class meets at 8:15 in the Lower Auditorium. This group is open to all ages. Bible study is followed each week by a time of sharing the blessings and concerns of the class members for the week's prayer list.

The 9:30 Berean Class is a second-hour option of the Sonrise Berean Class. This group meets in the Lower Auditorium. This group is open to all ages.

"Abandoned" meets at 9:30 in Room 111 (downstairs in the main building) and is for people interested in getting to know others at CrossRoads while applying God's Word to our daily lives. The primary goal of this group is to deepen their relationship with Christ and each other. Members share responsibility in leading this group and there is lots of laughter and fun each week.

The Cornerstone Class focuses on the practical application of scripture in our daily lives. The group is made up of adults of all ages and is very fun in nature. The class places a strong emphasis on community through weekly prayer and get-togethers several times a year.  This class meets at 10:55 in the Lower Auditorium.

The Bereans II Class is an adult class (age 40+) that meets at 10:55 in the Lobby Classroom. The purpose of the class is fourfold--to study the Word of God in order to become more Christ-like, to share praise reports of what God has done in their lives, to share prayer requests, and to "shepherd" one another in order to make sure each member's needs are met.

Seminars and Special Classes are offered at varying times throughout the year. Please check the church bulletin for the most recent information.