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Tuesday, 7/16/24 at 6:30pm

About the Event

ChildcareRecovery Ministry

What is re:generation?

re:generation is a Christ-centered, biblically-based 12-step recovery program structured with daily lessons and weekly small group meetings (men meeting with men, and women meeting with women).

Your first time at re:generation, you will attend the First Time Guests group to learn about the program. After the first meeting, you will begin Groundwork, the initial step in re:generation.

Once you have completed the Groundwork curriculum, demonstrated a willingness to participate, and decided that you want to move forward, you will become part of a Step Group to go through the 12 steps. Participants will progress together, walking through the daily curriculum and sharing during Tuesday group time.

What is the flow of a night at re:generation?

Leaders and participants gather together in the first hour to worship and hear testimonies or teachings. The large gathering then breaks into smaller groups for the remainder of the time. Here are the types of small groups:

  • First-time guests group is the starting point for everyone so you can find out more about the ministry in a safe environment.
  • Groundwork groups come next, and this is where you will lay your foundation for recovery. Groundwork members must attend at least six meetings and complete the bookwork in order to make it to the next levels of groups. 
  • The final group is what we call Step Groups. Step groups are where you laser focus on struggles in your life. 

Altogether, a typical night gathering lasts about two hours.

Want to know more about re:gen?

Reach out to Larry at or call at 423-467-5921.

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