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Crossroads Student Ministry Mission Trip

Sunday, 6/23/24

About the Event

Youth Ministry

This Summer, our Student Ministry, students in 7th through 12th grade, will be going to Floyd County, Kentucky, to continue the work we started in 2023 with flood recovery. The trip will be from June 23rd-29th. 

Each group assists, plans, and participates in the outreach and ministry activities for the week, working in teams to accomplish daily chores and meals. 
Days are spent on programming activities, and evening activities include community dinners, game nights, and local music performances. A typical week includes Praise/devotions/teaching. 

Since worship is the week’s focus, we have times of praise, personal devotions, small groups, and teaching to prepare and challenge us throughout the week. 

Crossroads Missions specifically works with Revive Hope, an organization looking to help with Flood Relief efforts in Kentucky. These activities include making home repairs, providing meals, community outreach, repairs to public facilities, and gathering backpacks and school supplies for children.

On Wednesday that week, we will take a day to do explore some of the beautiful parts of state parks in Kentucky.

If you have any questions about this mission trip, you can contact our Student Minister, Michael Nickens at

You can register for the mission trip on Realm.


If your child does join us on the mission trip this year, we are using something new called GoMethod.

GoMethod is a program that assists our short-term mission teams with registration, forms, communication, and organization. One of the best tools is that team members can see their progress toward raising funds for the trip.

One of the features that we are most excited about is the ability for our mission team members to send direct fundraising links to potential supporters where they can donate directly to your child's trip.

At least one parent from each household will need to set up a guardian account with GoMethod, and once that is done, you can register your child for the mission trip. Here is the link where you can set up your guardian account.


Guardian accounts have full access to the same dashboard that your child sees. Guardians can click on your child's name to see where they are in the application process and reaching their fundraising goals. Also, guardians can complete requirements that minors may not be able to, for example, signing a consent form and other documents needed for the trip.