Upcoming CSM Events

Our Student Ministry hosts a variety of events for your teenagers to get involved in. We have all kinds of event activities like Mission Trips, Retreats, and more. These opportunities are great for getting involved, making connections, and growing together!

  • Bingo Night- Sept 14th from 6-8 PM

    Grab your markers and your reading glasses cause it’s time to play BINGO! Join us for a night of silliness with prizes and fun. Best part is that it’s free!

  • Fall Retreat - OCtober 11-13

    Our Fall Retreat is designed to let students worship interactively while escaping our busy world by staying at Appalachian Christian Camp. Our teens get too much of people "talking at them," so at this retreat there is no sermon or preacher. They will be immersed in scripture by participating in intentional worship activities. We also eat AMAZING food and have tons of fun.

    NO TRANSPORTATION THIS YEAR. Pick up and Drop off will be at camp. Contact Ryan if you need help.

    Total Cost is $80 and you can register by CLICKING HERE

  • TCTC 2020 - Jan 10-12

    This year’s theme is “Wilderness.” This will be a weekend full of fun, worship, and fellowship. Don’t miss out on this great trip! This retreat is in Gatlinburg, TN and we stay in two large cabins: One boys and one Girls. Students will need money for three travel meals and can bring money to spend in Gatlinburg if wanted.

    Cost is $120.      Register by CLICKING HERE