Sunday Mornings

Sundays are an opportunity for us to gather as a community and worship together. When you join us on a Sunday morning you are more than a visitor; you are our guest. We have anticipated you joining us and we look forward to a chance to warmly greet you. On Sundays here is what to expect:

  • Engaging worship that often is a new and fresh experience each week. One week might be led by a traditional worship band, the next by the choir. Some Sundays you will hear contemporary music or traditional hymns, yet others might be bluegrass or folk music. You just never know what each week might bring. 
  • At each worship service we have a special time of communion. This is a time to experience an ancient tradition that goes back to Jesus and his disciples when they shared a meal. We celebrate communion with unleavened bread wafers and grape juice. Followers of Jesus are always invited to share in the communion meal. 
  • Your kids will get to experience an incredible Children’s Ministry that they will beg you to bring them back to. They have their own Sunday School classes and Kid's Church. For more information click here. 
  • We have Sunday School classes both worship hours for all ages. Praying people who believe that God acts powerfully in response to prayer. 
  • A community where you are invited to Connect, Grow and Serve. A place to celebrate the Good News of Jesus!