CREATE: Hands-on Activities Instructions

Welcome to CREATE! We are so glad that your family is joining us for online VBS. All week long your child will be learning what God has created in them and what God is calling them to create. 

Below are some instructions (plus tips and tricks) for each day's hands-on-activities. We recommend having adult supervision. We want to see what you create, so send a photo to Heather by emailing

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  • Day one: Clay

    Supplies Needed: clay


    • This activity is simple-- your child will create a masterpiece out of the clay.
    • Your masterpiece will dry on its own overnight. Feel free to place it in sunlight for it to dry a little faster. 
    • Use any acrylic paint that's left over at the end of the week to paint your masterpiece. 

    Tips and Tricks

    • Clay can get messy, so you might want to lay something (like wax paper or newspaper) down before you get to work creating. 
    • Sometimes the clay can be a little chalky... you can put a little bit of lotion or water on your hands.
    • Use one of the paint brushes and water to smooth out your masterpiece when you're done. 
  • Day Two: Geodes experiment

    Supplies Needed: borax, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, string, large acrylic cup

    • You'll also need few household items: hot water, spoon, scissors


    • Bend your pipe cleaners into shape. The more compact the shape, the more your geodes will grow outward. 
    • Tie the string to your pipe cleaner and fasten it to the craft stick. They will suspend into the solution. 
    • Next, you will create a saturated solution with hot water and Borax. Use 3-4 tablespoons of Borax per each cup of water. Stir until it dissolves. 
    • Set the craft sticks over your warm saturated solution, submerging the pipe cleaners. 
    • Lightly cover your saturated solution and watch your geodes form overnight. 
    • After your geodes form, take them out, cut the string, and let them dry. Feel free to set them on a paper towel in the sun. 

    Tips and Tricks: 

    • The slower the water cools, the bigger your geodes will grow. 
    • Don't add more borax once you've placed the pip cleaners. 
    • The experiment will  grow overnight-- watch and be patient!
    • You can reuse the saturated solution by warming it up. 
  • Day Three: Acrylic flows

    Supplies Needed: canvas, acrylic paints, solo cup

    NOTE: this is a messy activity!


    • Layer (but don't mix!) your acrylic pants into the cup. 
    • Next, there are two methods to pour:

                    1) You can pour the paint in a design on top of your canvas. 

                    2) Or place your canvas facedown on the cup and flip it. When you release the cup, paint will begin to flow. 

    • After you pour your paint, begin to tilt your canvas, encouraging your paint to flow across the canvas. 
    • Continue tilting your canvas in all sorts of directions until you're satisfied with the product. 

    Tips and Tricks: 

    • You'll want to lay something down underneath your canvas to catch the paint that will spill. 
    • Make sure your child is wearing an apron or clothes that can get messy. 
    • The more paint you use, the more it will flow!
    • Be patient-- it takes a little bit of time for it to flow. But you can also use a paintbrush to help move the paint along if needed. 
  • Day four: Birdhouse

    Supplies Needed: prepackaged birdhouse, birdseed

    • You will also need a hammer

    The instructions to build the birdhouse are included in the packaging. When you are finished constructing it-- fill it with birdseed!

    NOTE: This activity requires adult supervision. 

    Tips and Tricks

    • Weather-permitting, this is a GREAT outdoor activity!
    • Begin by decorating your birdhouse. Feel free to use any leftover paint, but crayons also work well. 
    • We found that wood glue helps keep it secure. 
  • Flower

    Supplies Needed: flower bulb, small acrylic cup, rocks, water

    Your child will learn throughout the week that some of the things that God is creating in them take time to grow. Some of those things we even have to cultivate, like a flower. 

    So there is also a gladiolus bulb to plant and serve as a reminder that God is always creating something extraordinary in us, even if it takes some time for us to see the final product. 

    You can plant this bulb in the ground or start it in a cup with water (instructions below). 


    • Layer the bottom of you cup with the small rocks.
    • Place your bulb, roots down, into the cup.
    • Fill with water. 
    • Transfer to a pot or the ground once the bulb begins to sprout.