April 29, 2018

Parent & Child Dedication will take place during both services on Sunday, April 29, and will be a special recognition of the tremendous responsibility and privilege of raising children to know and grow in the love of God. It is a time at Crossroads where we intentionally pause to demonstrate our support of families who seek to raise children in the way God teaches. This service of dedication is designed to remind families of God's blessing as it is formally invoked upon both parents and children. Parents will make a public commitment to provide a nurturing home where their child will have the opportunity to learn about Jesus and His amazing love. 

Raising a child to know and love the Lord is not a task for the faint of heart. It's a huge, humbling responsibility. Our goal at Crossroads is to partner with your family to raise kids who know and grow in the love of Jesus together. We want to equip you for the parenting journey ahead and we have designed three sessions for families who want to participate in our Parent & Child Dedication services this year. These three equipping sessions will help you form deeper relationships with other families in the same stage of parenting, connect you with great parenting resources and mentors, and equip you with the tools you need as your family prepares to make this public commitment. 

Please register for the event online by April 8 and plan to attend an equipping lunch after church on April 22. 

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