Senior Night will be held in The Greenhouse

Wednesday Night, May 4th

6:45pm to 8:00 pm.

Seniors (and parents): Here is what we need you to do:

  • Get together 25-30 pictures of you from birth through today.
  • Put those pictures in chronological order for us.
  • If you have hard copy photos, number the backs of the them and put them in an envelope (you will get them back).
  • If you have them all in a digital format (or can get them in a digital format), that is AWESOME! (saves lots of time on our end). You can put them on a jump drive, or send us a link to dropbox or google drive, etc.
  • Pick a song to go with your pictures. This song does not have to be a "Christian" song, but should be an appropriate song. If you have a digital file of the song, you can get that to us with your pictures.
  • Turn in your pictures and song by Wednesday, April 20th to Amy, Michael, or Kit. If you are emailing us a link, you can send that to

Download PDF of information above